Primorsky Krai, Far East Marine Reserve.

          Our journey started from the call from my friend Nikita, he offered me to go to the south point of Primorsky Krai, along the beach near a North Korean border. Though I thought that going to Gamov Peninsula was a better idea and Nikita said Yes to it. In the morning of our first day of the journey it was raining. We got soaked wet and rode through a channel. From there it was an old known road to Hasanskiy Reserve. Pedaling all day long we finally got to the peninsula. I was sleeping badly all night. I dreamt that there were chinese tourists near our camp because we met them too often on our way there. The second day — gravel road again, we were going to the Vityaz’ village now. Back in the Soviet time, military trained sea creatures like sea lions, belugas and dolphins for military uses there. Riding on the road with huge rocks size of watermelons, my new phone fell out my pocket. When I found out about my loss I could find only small pieces of my phone. Unfortunately, jeep wheels turned out to be stronger than a screen protector.

          I got frustrated but we continued to go. I forgot about this loss as soon as I saw an azure beach of Astafeva bay.Sea — that’s a really important thing for someone who was born near the seaside. An unlimited number of mussels, starfishes, sea urchins and clams just like in the restaurant, you can find all of them there. Two things that won’t let you take it all with you are your conscience and security of Far East Marine Reserve (luckily we didn’t meet them). We found the best place for the night — a cliff with an endangered kind of pines also known as “Grave pines” in Russia. Below our camp, there was a wild rock beach with perfect for the campfire dried woods. Also, we found bottles from all over Asia that were brought by the sea there. At the night, we drank a local rum, left potatoes in the bonfire and fell asleep.

          The third day started with the red dawn and the sounds of seals that we could hear. Before the trip, I was in Harbin where I could buy a fantastic green tea that gave us an energy for the day. We left our bags in the camp and went exploring. The peninsula was covered with small hills and bushes with wild nuts. Every time we stopped I heard how Nikita ate those nuts. One time when we stopped to enjoy the view we noticed an eagle. It was huge! When we came back to the camp we remembered seals that we heard in the morning. We decided to swim to their place. We found a good rock in the shape of a sofa to watch seals. When seals noticed us, all six of them started to stare at us too. We were very late for the last ferry to the city and had to ride to a marine station at night. The road reminded me of Twin Peaks and Mario Carts when you have to drive away from all spots on the road like in the game. We built a camp 20 meters away from the station and fell asleep. It was cold at night.